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Improved Mature Coconut De Meating Tool

Here is your chance to purchase a one-of-a-kind coconut tool.

How many times have you tried to get the coconut meat out of a mature coconut?  It can be very difficult.

The coconut de-meating tool makes removing the meat out of a mature coconut very easy.  (A spoon or a ice cream scoop can be used to get the softer meat out of a young coconut)

This "upgraded" tool is made of Stainless Steel and a durable plastic handle.  This tool is made in the USA.

This item would make a great gift for people that enjoy mature coconut meat, or like to press out the mature coconut meat to make coconut milk.

This item is really easy to use:

1. Crack the mature coconut in half.
2. Stick the demeating tool between the shell and the meat.
3. Push the tool all the way towards into the middle of the coconut while keeping it next to the shell.
4. Once the tool is all the way in, turn the coconut which will move the tool all the way around between the meat and the shell.

Look at all the things you can do with the meat once you get it out:

  • Eat whole
  • Use in recipes
  • Run the meat through a masticating style juicer with the "blank" plate to make coconut flakes
  • Grate the meat with a food processor with the shredding disc to make coconut shreds
  • Grate the meat with a manual shredder to make coconut shreds
  • Slice the meat with a food processor with the slicing disc to make coconut slices
  • Blend up with coconut water (or purified water) in the blender, and then strain through a nut milk or sprout bag to make coconut milk.

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